Recently Zoteroed, A Drupal Approach

Recently, Mark Sample posted a blog entry about making his Zotero library public, in which he outlined a nifty way to use Yahoo Pipes to streamline Zotero’s RSS output and place it in a block on his website. This is a great idea, and from the number of “Recently Zoteroed” blocks I’ve seen cropping up […]

Seeing what you get versus knowing how it works

I’m currently in the process of setting up Drupal sites for my classes, and I’ve run into a dilemma. Should I use a wysiwyg editor or not? I personally don’t care for them, but would students feel more comfortable composing blog entries in an environment that looks a bit more like a word processor? In […]

This is a new website

This is a post I wrote in 2009 when I first switched over my site to Drupal. The site you’re reading this on is now running WordPress, so much of what I say below is not currently meaningful what I then wrote of as “my website”. With this blog entry, I launch a new version […]