DGST 101: Introduction to Digital Studies

Semesters Taught:Spring 2018, Summer 2017, Spring 2017, Spring 2016, Fall 2014, Fall 2013
AttributesDigital Studies Minor Elective, Digital Studies Minor Requirement, Communication and Digital Studies Major Elective, Communication and Digital Studies Major Requirement

This course introduces the Minor in Digital Studies and is also a requirement for the Major in Communication and Digital Studies. In this class, you will experience this semester will a broad approach to digital inquiry, digital creativity and critical practice as they may manifest in different disciplines. In other words, this class will help you develop the ideas, practices, and skills that continue to pursue in elective coursework, should you choose to proceed with the minor or major. And if if you’re not proceeding with this minor, what you take from this class will be useful in whatever major you pursue as well as, hopefully, the rest of your life. While some coursework will involve working closely with computer software and code, no prior experience with programming is required or expected, and this is not a Computer Science class.

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