This coming spring (2012), I’ll be teaching a new course, ENGL 251Y: Adaptation! Here’s the description:

This general education literature course considers the question of “adaptation” as an aspect of cultural texts that are in some state of media transition; from book to film, from film to videogame, from novel to graphic novel, we are prone to taking for granted the very strange idea that the character we read in a book is somehow the same entity as the one we see portrayed on screen. This is the kind of idea we’ll pursue as we chart a path through various media channels, following the traces of intertextuality that comprise our contemporary textual media ecology. Along the way, we’ll study the unique expressive vocabularies of different media, including film, comics, video games, novels, and more. The work for this class will include close readings of media texts, secondary readings in media studies, film screenings, and one larger project along some relevant line of inquiry.

If you need to fulfill your ALPA requirement, or just need a General Elective, you should probably take this class.