This course is about media and it is about writing. The operative preposition through comprises the key, two-fold premise of this seminar: that new media technologies offer new literacies and that these literacies depend to some extent on using media technology to communicate effectively. In this advanced writing course, students will balance theory with practice, and the successful student will leave with technical, working knowledge of some New Media technology. She will also be familiar with what it means to think critically with and through these technologies. In this case, the final output of the seminar will be a portfolio-style website – built on the UMWBlogs platform – around which students will build their digital identities.


  • Gain practical experience in new media technology, including web design, image manipulation and video
  • Use effective design principles in service of writing to best take advantage of the affordances of various media
  • Make use of “Web 2.0” technology to craft a digital identity


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