Help Spuddy the Snow Woman Take a Trip around the World

The recent snow was plentiful but too cold to do much building. On Saturday, though, some light snow turned into sleet and rain which melted the top layer enough to make it finally start sticking together. My 4-year-old, ever the snow trooper, wanted to make sure we took advantage of this small window, and the result was "Spuddy Lofty Frosty the Snow Woman", pictured below.

Well, as snow people tend to do, Spuddy has melted. It looks pretty bad, actually, since she sort of fell over backwards with her arms spread out and her "chest" caved in. As of last night, she didn't looked "melted" so much as "murdered violently."

My daughter is a sweet kid who I think feels things more deeply than she expresses them. I could tell she was sad about Spuddy melting, so I explained to her about the water cycle and how soon Spuddy will get to be a cloud and that then she'll go all around the earth as a cloud. She (my daughter) seemed to really like this idea.

I mentioned all this on Twitter and Maggie Stough had the awesome idea that we should digitally take Spuddy on that journey, starting with New York:

My kids loved it, and we started talking about the other places Spuddy might go. This morning, she asked if Spuddy had made it to Hawaii yet, so of course I had to create some evidence:

Spuddy has also made it to the Great Wall of China already:

So where should she go next? You can help her on her journey by downloading this PNG "cutout" of her (or an .XCF file if you prefer Gimp) and pasting her on top of some other picture. Just share your picture on Twitter using the hashtag #spuddyonvacation so we can see it!

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