Various Things I Have Made

web thing, 2013


Turn your browser into a Pierre Menard emulator! Watch as it writes Don Quixote!

bot, 2014


Some of the news, all of the time. Always exactly one tweet unless something has gone wrong.

bot, 2014


Tweeting excerpts from the “CIA Torture Report,” so you don’t have to read the whole thing at once.

web thing, 2014

House of Dust Simulator

This is a simulation of the 1967 poem by Alison Knowles and James Tenney.

bot, 2014


This is a bot I made as a response and tribute to @555uhz, which Twitter suspended for copyright violation. Currently on hiatus.

bot, 2013


Tweets from the Whalestoe Institute.

bot, 2014


Daily permutational poems, after Brion Gysin.

bot, 2013


Congress’s words, redacted at a rate equal to current approval polling.

bot, 2013


Scraping video game ROMs for poetry.

artbot, 2015

Haiku by Robot

This is a twitter bot based on a poem I found in an issue of Highlights magazine. After my tweet of that image proved popular, I set out to make a bot that can generate these haiku indefinitely.

game, 2014

Flappy Bird Ground

My version of Flappy Bird. Parodic and pointless.

bot, 2014


Every panel of Watchmen, in some order.

bot, 2013


A Bubble Bobble ebooks bot.

web thing, 2014


Various mashup(s) of Canticle for Leibowitz and Fahrenheit 451.

botvideo, 2016


To avoid campaign financing restrictions, Ted Cruz’s campaign uploaded 15 hours of raw footage directly to Youtube. I downloaded it, used Pocketsphinx to transcribe it, and sorted that transcript alphabetically. Then I used Videogrep to create supercuts for each word, uploaded those to youtube, and set up a twitter bot to tweet links to each video. This task is now complete.

code, 2014


The graphic novel I generated for NaNoGenMo 2014: The Something, The Thanksgiving, and The Nothing.

web thing, 2014

Electronic Literature Travel Tips

Considering a trip to the land of Electronic Literature? Here are some helpful tips for your journey. I created this by asking my students to write notes of advice and encouragement to future students. I then overlay that advice on travel-themed images pulled randomly from Flickr.

audio, 2015

A “cut out” of William S. Burroughs: I remixed a lecture by removing all the words. Prepared for a special issue of Enculturation edited by Casey Boyle and Jim Brown.

art, 2015

An Arthrogram

This is a “graphic novel” exploring every possible panel configuration given certain constraints. I self-published this with, and it is available for purchase from Amazon.

You can find more things by me — mostly broken or abandoned — in my github repository.