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A New Course: ENGL 251Y: Adaptation

This coming spring (2012), I’ll be teaching a new course, ENGL 251Y: Adaptation! Here’s the description: This general education literature course considers the question of “adaptation” as an aspect of cultural texts that are in some state of media transition; from book to film, from film to videogame, from novel to graphic novel, we are […]

ENGL 457S: Code(s), Culture and the Postmodern

In this Spring 2010 seminar, students will explore the concept of code as both a figure in and function of postmodern literature. The texts we examine in the course of this intensive study will either treat code thematically or figuratively, or they will literally involve the reader in decoding content. Taken together, the texts in […]

ENGL 202H: Writing through Media

This course is about media and it is about writing. The operative preposition through comprises the key, two-fold premise of this seminar: that new media technologies offer new literacies and that these literacies depend to some extent on using media technology to communicate effectively. In this advanced writing course, students will balance theory with practice, […]


ENGL 375TT: The Graphic Novel

For the Spring 2010 semester, I will once again be teaching a Graphic Novel course, and I’m very much looking forward to it. What follows is my general course description and list of texts. I thought long and hard about which comics to use, and although I ended up favoring a more inclusive approach than […]

Code: Crowdsourcing course planning

I have recently learned that I will be teaching a senior seminar in the Spring 2010 semester, and I’m using this blog entry to think through an idea I have. If I get a little feedback, that would be excellent as well. The senior seminar is an important capstone for the English Major experience. The […]

Seeing what you get versus knowing how it works

I’m currently in the process of setting up Drupal sites for my classes, and I’ve run into a dilemma. Should I use a wysiwyg editor or not? I personally don’t care for them, but would students feel more comfortable composing blog entries in an environment that looks a bit more like a word processor? In […]