Visualizing Intertextuality with Kumu.io

Kumu (Kumu.io) is a web-based tool for exploring systems and relationships between actors in a network. It can be used to map related concepts, related people, or really anything that can be understood as “elements” and “connections between those elements.” In one of my classes last year, I created an assignment where my students used […]


Notes on Teaching with Slack

Slack is communication software popular for handling workplace information flow, project management, customer support, and all kinds of other things. It’s useful for professional teams, but it’s also convenient for just about any other community that needs a quick place for synchronous and asynchronous conversation and collaboration. Last semester, I started using Slack with one […]

A Reflection on Teaching with UMWDomains

Over the past fall and the summer semesters, I’ve been participating in an exciting pilot program at my university called UMW Domains (or sometimes, “A Domain of One’s Own”). The basic idea is to give students their own domain names and some webhosting, which they can then use to construct their digital identity during their […]


Using “Passage” to Think about Cultural Privilege

In many of my classes, I’ve have an opportunity to discuss the poetic, sublime, cliche and now inevitable Passage, a game well-known for being well-known as an art game (or artgame). As a game or game-like thing about life and death, its approachable style and memento mori theme are sufficiently affecting that I find most […]


Game-o-matic and Oracular Thinking

This semester (Fall 2012), I’m teaching ENGL 202H: Writing through Media, a so-called “special topics in writing” seminar that has become one of my standby’s. The history of the course is actually kind of interesting, since it goes back to my graduate school experience teaching “ENG 1131: Writing through Media” at the University of Florida. […]

ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel

My last entry was about a new class; this one is about an older class, but since the material is continually evolving, I thought it made sense to write briefly about it here as well. ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel has undergone a few iterations, but in its current form, it’s an upper-level literature class, […]