Notes on Teaching with Slack

Slack is communication software popular for handling workplace information flow, project management, customer support, and all kinds of other things. It’s useful for professional teams, but it’s also convenient for just about any other community that needs a quick place for synchronous and asynchronous conversation and collaboration. Last semester, I started using Slack with one […]

ENGL 251AA: Games and Culture

Since I seem to have re-awoken my blog, I thought I’d take some time to use it to publicize my Spring 2013 courses. One is brand new and the other is (like most course, truthfully) in a continual state of reinvention, so it might be interesting to look at what my plans are for now. […]

ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel

My last entry was about a new class; this one is about an older class, but since the material is continually evolving, I thought it made sense to write briefly about it here as well. ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel has undergone a few iterations, but in its current form, it’s an upper-level literature class, […]